We Are Everglow Eventus

As it goes with the name we are ever glowing to bring that brightness to your events and convert it into a celebration. We keep everything simple and at the end the same turns out to be classy and awe inspiring because we believe in “Opposite Values are complimentary to each other”.

Our team’s committed and skilful effort will make all your worries dissolved and faded in front of your joyous and fun filled moments. You are sure to feel at ease and comfort while we put our gears to work and accelerate everything for you just the way you would love to see it.

We end up extending our family with each and every celebration we craft for our wonderful guests. Events for us are not just one more occasion rather a special day which we seize for you so that it lasts in your memories for a long spell.

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We are not merely Event Planners rather Celebration crafters. Our service is as fine as that last smoothie you had at a Ice Cream Hut near you with your loved one.

Debit & Credit

Our accounting standards are simple - We debit your efforts and hard work to us and what we credit in return is never ending smiles and happiness.

Let Go

We love to make your problems our own and after all we even are not too attached to them so we show them the exit door from your celebrations.

Lets Do It Together

We truly believe in the magic a team work can create and that is why we make your family an extended part of our team which help us to understand your insight and make better into best.

We are where you are

Bingo ! You got it right. Our network is everywhere on this planet where our guests need our services. Ready to serve 24/7 we have created an exceptional army of enthusiastic and self driven youths who bring a pulsating energy and vibes to the overall atmosphere of your celebration.

“S” N E W

Whatever we do is NEW but with an “S”. Why S ?

Try writing S in lower case 10 times and you will see that each time “S” is different from the earlier one. See we taught you something. Didn’t we? ?

In the same way even when we do the old and tradition thing it is with a refreshingly new touch and essence in it every time.

Recent Works

Here is the glimpse of the beautiful memories we have created for so many of our guests

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